A story of polymory

No pressure between them

They have some time

Staring at each other eye to eye

Intense emotions

Feeling running deep

They share conversations

But sense when they breathe

That more is implied than being said

As the flames of desire are being fed

He touches her arm and she tingles

She touches his chest and their thoughts mingle

He with his tight shirt and dark blue jeans

Her with her tight dress short, tight and mini

He works out so looks so fit

Her with her long tanned legs and shapely hips

Her beauty undeniable,

She’s firm in all the right places

Staring into each others gazes

He slips his hand around her waist

Moves in closer but then he waits

She moves in the rest of the way

The pair kiss in open display

Deeply they go with passion intense

Bodies now firmly against each other pressed

He takes her hand as the kiss ends

Guides her to the door

They are both now leaving

To go to his room for love and lust

Spend the night until satisfed enough

As she leaves her husband says have a good night

For they participate in a polymory life

And both accept this lifestyle is perfect and right, for them.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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