All lucked out

I’ve no luck

I just break even

Books don’t sell

And despite my dreaming

Of better things

Coming my way

It seems they always stay the same

But as much as it can get me down

I refuse to be sad ir wear a frown

I keep going, I just push on

Its all about remaining strong

And trying to make a change

Finding a way to cut me a break

Trying to do something different

Shake up and experiment

Don’t think negative or focus on detriment

None of this truly make sense

You have to retain the positive

Focus on finding new ways

In which you can find different arrays

Of new ideas and creative thought

It’s a tough life but I won’t baulk

I am not going to crumble and fall to my knees

I am going to focus on being true and authentic to me

And hope that keeping true to my belief

Will one day pay rewards and benefit me.

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