Doctor, doctor!

Doctor, doctor!

We seem to have a problem

It’s caused global warming

And those with the power

Seem to be blind to this truth

Doctor, doctor!

What is it we can do?

The health of our environment is in decline

So many people ignorant and blind

Dumping shit in their own neighbourhoods

Can you prescribe any kind of cure?

Doctor, doctor!

Is this a terminal disease

Polluting, over populating

Mankind has become a disease

Eating away at our earth

And their arrogance is worse

They don’t care and seem to believe

That somehow, somewhere

There is a planet B

Doctor, doctor!

Is there any hope

Or will be feeling extinctions rope

Tightening around our necks

I fear we all know what’s coming next

If this is all left to go unchecked

Doctor, doctor!

I feel earth’s pain

As different species disappear each day

Doctor, doctor!

Is there a recovery plan

Or someway to make the ignorant

And those that are arrogant understand

The error of their ways

When denying and insisting

There is no such thing as climate change.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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