Extreme weather


Weather fronts so extreme

They may only get worse believe me,

As our earth with its nature start to fight back

And politicians and leaders are blind so much,

That they refuse to see the truth and the facts

That the environment is exploited

By those who seek greed and feel money is all that they need

And they are ruining our planet

And that consuming me

Because there are so many other things that as humans we need

Like love, awareness and a whole world of peace

And the education to nurture nature and embrace renewable energy.

One response »

  1. The weather has been so crazy these past few years. I look at the trees outside and they don’t know whether to shed leaves or grow them, during a time of the year when shedding is appropriate. It’s warm when it’s supposed to be cold. Nothing grows right anymore. Things are definitely not the same and nature is upset and confused.

    Another wonderfully written poem that makes people think, Faux.


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