No short cuts

No short cut to getting rich

So why go out on the nick

Stealing what you can

And selling drugs

Out there with your crew like thugs

Find some poor victim for you to mug

Shank me up and stab me down

Selling you drugs all over town

You disrespect your life I swear down

It’s a lack of self belief I am telling you now

That yo think the only to make it

Is by seeing what’s against the law then you break it

Stabbing other members of crews

Who are from different neighbourhoods

I gf et where your coming from I’ve been there too

My hards always been hard and that’s the truth

But the only thing awaiting you

Doing these things you do are a life inside or in a grave

To few remembering your name

You got to start loving you

Looking at the wrong and right and then choose too

Go down the right road of love and truth

No be like the sheep mentality in your crew

Folling and doing what they do

Just because that’s what’s expected of you

Bring a new individual you

Be unique like I know you can do

Show everyone the potential that you put on view

No shortcut I am afraid too tell you

But a journey and long hard struggle

But the rewards at the end are well worth the fight

Show you can change and you can do right

Be the success that comes out of hard life

Be for others where you come from a shining light.

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