In search of planet B

So much money and time spent

On finding other planets

Proxima B and Proxima Centuri

Other dwarf stars that just maybe

Habital for our humanity

So we can spread further Mankind’s disease

Of destroying, ravaging and exploiting their resources

This is all just horses for courses

Maybe we should focus more on treating our Earth better

Learning how to nurture and live within nature

Spend more money and time cleaning up our mess

Resetting the balance would be the test

Controlling our populations

Less damage like deforestation

Less pollution and promoting renewable energy

Fitting in with nature rather than trying to exercise superiority

For this is something we cannot win

Start to focus on the important things

Like healing our earth before finding others

We need to become Earth lovers

Nurturing and growing this planet in a way it needs

Rather than exploiting it out of greed

So what if there is a planet B

It’s pointless if we remain a locust like cancerous planet destroying disease.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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