Subhuman me

We are controlled by words that lie

That are aimed and bombarded at us all the time

It’s hard not to see be drawn in

It hard to decipher

When they are playing a tune akin to the pied piper

And we as rats to them are scurrying behind

Played, lied to and strung along by these greedy governments

And all their media outlets and their corporate chums

Who livds are focused on power and greed

And see us all as subhumans

Well this subhuman has had enough of all of your fucking lies

I am now opening my conscious aware mind

I hear the lies you spin

And I see with my eyes you’re a disease

And I am no longer being sucked in because I am choosing to break free

And find the truth within my beliefs existentially

And I am creating for my self a new reality

Through my own powerful conscious creativity.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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