Sleeping among the clouds

Silken twine of spiders web

Stretch across to a soft cloudy bed

Where I choose to lay my head

In a sky of azure blue

That’s where I have my bed

Way up high were I can rest

And look across horizons for the best

Views and experiences that I can find

In a place heavenly divine

Where the golden light of sun rays shine

Creating within me a beautiful mind

That sits meditatapting from time to time

On appreciation and trying to find

The answers of this harsh life

But I know the answers lay in being kind and compassionate

I know that living a good life is the best way

And as I rest a while and lay

My head down on the softness of the clouds

I know that each day somehow

I must resist the pull of toxic negativity

And focus on love and positivity

No matter how people and life may assail me

Life is what you create it to be

A life of lessons that set our minds free

And leave us in a state of being forever happy.

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