Toxic ways


Guarded against toxic people

Sometimes we shut good ones out

What can we do when we put up walls

That’s the flaw when you choose

A life of negative rules

To protect yourself against the fear

Of those who may try and assail you

Life you see can be bitter and cruel

And nothing can make you ammune

Except the experience of going through this hard life that brewed

And around us toxic people choose to add to all our pain and stress

But the more we learn how to deal with them

Then we may get a better understanding how to overcome them

With out shutting them out and instilling walls

That serves to divide us one and all

So here is my defiant call

That you will not force me down the same

I won’t play your toxic games

I will rise up once again

Showing my tolerance and kindness each day

That will reflect upon you the stain of your ways

And manifest upon you the shame

That will hopefully change your ways

And us needing to build walls to shut them out will now be saved

And life will seem less depraved

With the ending of these toxic ways.

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