Beautiful day for pondering

Sunshines bright on this Valentines Day,

Though there is a chill breeze when you’re in the shade,

Temperatures high for this time of year,

Has love left you happy or are you in tears?

A perfect blue cloudless sky makes me wonder why

Anybody would ever be down on such a beautiful day

We all should just let love carry us away

We should let our own temperatures rise

And allow our hearts to be open wide

Sitting on a lush green meadowside

Let your passion flow and feel the joy deep down inside

Then later I will stroll along a sandy beach

Feeling its grains between the toes on my feet

Then I sit on rocks staring out at the vast sea

Watching its power as its spray washes over me

I love nature so much I feel deep inside of me

As all this beauty abounds I just and mindfully breathe

I lay back and then I take it easy

Then when others gaze at me and wonder why they don’t see me

Washed away in the spume and carried away

I feel the immense sea take me

And as its suffocating me

It also eases and caresses me

And as I dissappear from life there is no misery

Except maybe for my family

But I needed out from this life so I hope they forgive me

But even in my final moments I give and share love with you all

This act is not selfish at all

I needed to change my story because it stalled

And I’ve ended it so that I can start it once again

On a beautiful day like this it’s a fitting end.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful day for pondering

  1. It’s a beautiful and poignant poem, so many gorgeous imagery in her, a lingering pain and comforting nature. Surprising part is just like you sometimes I have felt the urge to be in embrace of sea, when pain becomes too much! Gorgeous poem!

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