Selling my soul

Selling my soul for cash

Selling my integrity to get by

Doesn’t appeal to me,

Exploit what I think and believe

Doesn’t sit easy with me

But I am in real need

I am bleeding from a wound that won’t heal

I am haemorrhaging money

And its a pain to me

Because money is like a disease

Infecting us with debts we dont need

So how how do we break away

Do we comply and play their game?

Or do we regail against it time after time

I find it hard to simply get by

But selling my soul seems wrong

What I got you cannot buy

Integrity or is it just foolish pride?

Am I about to fall and lose it all?

It’s hard to know but what’s to lose

When you have nothing anyway

What is it they can do to add to the pain

Of the harsh life of scrimping and scraping to get by

I’d like to know

Do I stay true or do I sell my soul?

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