Strom the gates

Those who live in decadence

Care little for the disintergration

Of the lower classes and the poor

They stick up their nose as they pass bye

Refusing to bare witness to how their lascivious

Desire got wealth and greed impacts on those they exploit

Cast down crumbs from their tables too

Whilst laughing at the crudity and decay in which they live,

The lower classes have always only ever been

A resources to be suffered painfully

But that now though through automation

And advancement and progress

These people in their low disintegrating poverty stricken lives

Can be factored out of the equations

Allowing more scope for greeter profit

Greater wealth and rising decadance

And liw how they do rejoice at the good fortunes that befall them

And low how they laugh and mock those beneath

Who suffer as a result of this inequality

That the decadant ones put in place oppress and control

Those who they regard as fodder for the workhouse

And as dispensible targets for the gun

As they enlist and serve and die for a country that wouldn’t die for them,

This is the truth of things, the way of things

And with control over government, media and corporations

The decadant ones are not about go Change things any time soon

That’s up the poverty stricken disintegrating lower class to do

To educate themselves to see and go rise up

And demand greater share of the wealth and more equality

Or to seize it through an uprising of protests on the streets

Culminating in a storming of the gates

Of the decadant ones and an the overthrowing of power.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/Crass

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