Ignorance perpetuates climate change

Live a life of self mockery

When we buy into the illusory

That we know anything about nature

And disbelieve in climate change

Your basis for your thinking

Like the polluted waters in which we’re sinking

Is not based on science but in what the media says

We live in a world of amazing things

And of areas srmtill uncharted

Where everything is working in unison and harmony

The only species that won’t fit in

And unbalances this system

Is species that is the most destructive

And these are known as human beings

And some are arrogant and ingnorant

And hold the rest back from evolving

Into planetary nurtures and saviours of this earth

But the truth is that materialism and greed get in the way

And a few stubborn fucking governments

Who refuse to play the eco game

Of investing in a green future, of renewable energies

And people who don’t research the facts choose leaders on personality

And then feel obliged to follow them out of loyalty blindly

But with the power of the rest of the masses rising up using one voice

We shape new policies and bring about change and a different choice

To carry on as a filthy species polluting all earth’s beauty

Or cleaning up our and aligning with nature by doing our duty

Of acting light earth’s guardians and reap the fruitful rewards

Of living within earth’s complex ecology.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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