Walk with me hand in hand

In my bloodstream

I feel the sap rising

I feel my passion

But in my abiding

I see all of my futures needs

And rooted in love and equality

And its rooted in nature

And the beauty that we see

So need to plant a Genesis seed

And replant forests

Need to replant trees

We can do this together

Just you and me

Do something that gives hope

And fuels what we we believe

That walking hand in hand

Into a brand new age

One where we are evolving ecologically

Gives us a reason to share and to care

Let’s walk hand in hand a n d I will take you there

Where we can share love in a world of clean seas and air

Strolling in forests without any fear

That they may one day all disappear

In a greener future where our path is clear

And future generations will not shed any tears

Because we stopped the desrtuction

Because we held their futures dear

So just take my hand and will lead you too a place

That is one we can take pride in

And that we helped to create.

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