My ultimate quest

Are we oversensitive

Do we react to much

It seems we get so mad

Over the trivial stuff

And ignore the things

That should matter so much

It appears when faced with reality

We are out of touch

But of senseless mindless trash

We give consideration to way to much

We focus too much on Z list celebrities

And don’t know those people who achieve important things

Things that matter we seem to ignore

Acting as if we are simply bored

Yet the the things we are fed to ensure the status quo

We eat it up and are dragged along in tow

By the system that wishes us to comply

So they feed us full of this bullshit and lies

And we strive each time to fall in line

We forgotten how to use our minds

And think for ourselves and act in humanities interest

Rising above this life of insignificance

Now that is my ultimate quest.

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