Transcending the current pessimistic life

Pessimism within modern times

Is a fear instilled programme that’s been defined

By the media men and governments

As a tool of control over all women and men

The fear of technology and all that foreign

And of colour and religion

The fear of just about everything

By these perspicacious types with agendas

Committing crimes through their secret wars

Dividing people with an unjust cause

While wallowing in their decadence

They put forward a riduculous pretense

They they care for the vulnerable and defenceless

About you and me they could care less

We live in a world based on profit and loss

It’s all about the bottom line for your boss

About his labour force he doesn’t give a toss

But we are all drawn to money like it’s a light and we act as moths

Materialism at all cost means our sense of equality is lost

But I see optimism in all of us

I see the the good and I fully trust

That maybe one day we will transcend all of this

Ans will build a new future on unity

That we will see the senselessness in fear

Reject those who use it as away to smear

Our fellow human beings and the views and beliefs they hold

And shop believing or buying the lies we are sold

And reject the hollow, shallow cravings for material things

Realise live and kindness is a more worthwhile way of living

Striving to embrace a world of fairness and equality

This is a future in which I hope and believe

That humanity can evolve too

And to enable this change it must start within me and you

Rejecting these callous brutal ways and promoting the best

That lays within all human beings when put to the test

It’s time to fuse as one unified race

No matter our beliefs, faiths or colour of our face

We must seize the opportunity with much haste

To evolve into enlightened spiritual states

And create a better world of love not hate

And ensure future generations continue this way

Living in a world that is a fear free peaceful place.

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