I was offered a bastism

In the holiest of rivers

I was offered a baptism

In the darkest hottest fires

I was offered all this

By those who said the know me

Truth is in reality though

They never knew me at all

Didn’t see that I would be told

Or that I would not be controlled

Didn’t realise I could see through them

That I’ve always been my own man

And if I go to the river

It will be to become one with it

As a natural wonder

And an ecological gift

And if I vist the darkness

To witness the hottest of fires

It would be to pay homage

To nature and all it supplies

From the core of the earth

The fiery engine room

Not conned into believing

In evil or religion

That are powerful and giving

They just an illusion

Created by my own conscious mind

And if I stand alone in these places and times

It won’t peturb me

Because this is my personal belief

That I force on no one

Or convince others to see and believe

The only force I bow down to is nature

Which is a real blessing to me.

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