Adventure beckons me finale


It’s dark in this place

I am so cold and alone,

My adventures took me far away from home,

I travelled through the stormy seas

And they have brought me here,

For reasons that I am not really too sure

But in this isolated place

I can see your face

And it fills me with such warmth

And so much love

And it keeps my body strong

And my mind clear

As I search this desolated place,

As I dream of being deep within the arms of your embrace,

Which makes these days seem not so bad.

Now I found a cave that leads somewhere, I do no not know

It’s echoes of memories that seem to flow

It’s showing me times where we once had so much fun

Those days they seem now so distant in the past,

Yet I keep on moving on

And I can hear your song

Telling me to not be long

And then a warm light gathers me

Steers me to a place I see,

Of incandescent divine beauty

And as I stand I look around

And see I am lost yet found

This place I now know to be my new home,

For the truth of my travelling

Was my mind was unravelling

As I passed on by to the other side

And though I remember many things

Losing life and dying was never in my thoughts or believing,

It was only you and your pretty face

And as death carried me away

As I travelled into this far and distant place,

All my thoughts were firmly set on you

Through the love that cherished with glee

Death sadly banished me

To this place to dwell spiritually

But I will always think of you

You were my dream come true

But for now I bid a sad farewell to you

And I will see your silhouette waving goodbye to me

Full of tears and regrets

But please my love don’t cry for me

For by your side I will never leave,

Our love is just too strong even in death

And though now I took my final breath

Our love will survive eternally.

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