Aspirational creating

A perspicacious view on the paradigm shift

A conscious traversing prerequisite

That is determined by all that exists

But the allagory is transfixed and transmuted as if

The story is written and we’re supplied with the manuscript

But the author is you and so you supply the text

In this present moment and in the next

Seeking the Holy Grail on a divine quest

Seeking ourselves within is a test

That stupifies and confuses to a point we’re left perplexed

Refuting others curses and their hex

I pay no heed to others toxicity

For I am on a voyage of universal discovery

There is never any apoplexy with me

I keep calm and cool while resonating love passionatly

I am my own creator of amazing dreams

Stand back and watch me as I aspirationally weave

With as so much desire and a magnitude of belief.

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