One o’clock in the am

It’s one o’clock in the am

And I am looking out the window

Listening to the rain beating down

I am sitting in the darkness

Remembering memories that haunt me

Saddened by the fact that your not around

And tears stain my cheeks

As I gaze at the bright moon

And I feel so lost and so alone

I feel everyone’s deserted me

And there’s no one to help me breathe

As I drown in a wave of misery

It’s one o’clock in the am

I feel the touch of real despair

I’ve never felt as lonely as I do now

I need a friend to help me

I am in so much need of healing

Where are these people in our hour of need

It’s one o’clock in the am

I feel my life is slipping away

As I watch the rain

Beating down on my window pain

I think dark thoughts and picture them

And one if this could be the end

Alone at one o’clock in the am

But then I remind my self

A new days going to dawn again

And there’s always a chance that love may change

But I know now how so many

End up feeling so sad and empty

That they never hold on until the morning

Or can see it brings hope when the new day is dawning

Because it is such a lonely time

And the pain and memories resonate in your mind

When all is quiet when it one o’clock am and you are mourning

The remanents of your life and your love.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

17 thoughts on “One o’clock in the am

  1. This poem really gets to me… I have these moments quite a lot and, though I know that one bad moment doesn’t mean I have a bad life, sometimes it feels as if that bad moment lingers. The loneliness is still there. I hope you’re well and feel better, Faux. It’s a lonely world we live in… (hugs)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am fine thanks. Someone like yourself should never feel lonely or in a bad moment for you are an amazing soul full of love and light. I am so glad this resonates with you.
      Much love.

      Liked by 1 person

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