I just enjoy being me and being happy

I’ve never been given anything

What I have has been earned

It may be very little but what I have learnt

Has been far more precious and worth its weight in gold

My principals I have hoped were never sold

Though I work for the man in an attempt to get by

So maybe they have been to survive this life

And though I have little in money and material things

I’ve discovered so much about love, light and spirituality

I’ve work so hard to kind and live compassionately

So I guess that my life being poor is better than uncaring greed

Devoid of love and any real feeling

Money can’t by this but many can’t see

And through my life though I’ve tasted real misery

I still remain hopeful and happy

Though life make me bleed for everything I achieve

Knock me down I’ll get right back on my feet

Flawed yes I am, I’ve never claimed to be perfect

I am what I am and that is authentic

And it’s made strong and immune to toxicity

My life is a reflection of Job and full of complexities

But if you ever meet me you’d know

I am grounded and rooted in kindness

Respectful and content in mindfulness

I love to laugh and share good company

My soul belief is in just being happy.

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