In this town

In this town I wander round

Late at night and I hear no sound

In this town I walk the streets

I love the silence that it brings.

I see the lights on in peoples house

I feel a sense of their contentment

But who knows what goes on within those walls

But as a romantic I chose to believe they’re all

Sharing fun and laughter in their cosy nests

I like to always think the best

I like to feel that everyone else

Is happy and revelling in the love of family.

In this town I wander around

It’s so silent I hear no sound

So as I find my cosy spot on the ground

So that I can sleep without being found

And dream of all the lucky ones who live in cosy houses around this town

And I don’t feel envious at all

I wish them all the best as I fall

Into my homeless sleep

With my worn out shoes on my feet

In this town I still see all the beauty

In spite of being in so much need

But I appreciate that I am still breathing, in this town.

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