I am losing the plot

I was shopping when my vision went weird

I saw lights obscuring my sight

And as I spoke all the words came out wrong

I couldn’t make sense of what I tried to tried to say

I think something was happening within my brain

Making me confused and unable to say

Anything that made sense and as others talk away

It appears like I am viewing things as if I am outside of reality

Is this a mental issue, like dementia or something else

Even writing this is a struggle and is hard to make sense

And my mind finds words to weave together

I can’t rhyme and my vocabulary has become limited

And difficult to explore

I am consciously feeling quite poor

It’s like I am viewing everyone as if I am out of place

And I feel as if I am ready to break

And lose touch with reality to day

I feel as if I am going insane

I am losing my brain.

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