Growing love in different ways


They share a love far to few can understand

Even though they were in love

He was not her only man

But he was happy living life this way

She was the type who needed to go out

And he was more for staying home

She always needed company

And he enjoyed his time alone

So they agreed to strike a deal

And so it now goes on

She lives her life In love and pleasure

And despite all encounters she always comes back home

For that is where her love is rooted and grows

The physical needs she seeks out can’t surpass the love they have

Yet too few they know would never understand

And they share no secrets and tell no lies

She tells him everything

And he is happy hearing of her days

He likes the smile it puts upon her face

He knows he could not satisfy her physically that way

But his love exceeds all her needs in all other ways

And in the end they’re happy with the roles they play

Do who can judge their life in any way

It works do well for them and their both brave

To both take on these roles within life’s game

And still strive to gtow their love in different ways.

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