I, the philanthropic spirit


Philanthropic that’s how I choose to be

Not misanthropic that negativity does not appeal to me

Kaleidoscopic are my spiraling multiversal dream

That stem the breaking of my domesticated themes

I don’t live life by unsophisticated memes

Everything I create resonates universally

So I focus on living in positivity

For their is no room in my world for toxicity

And if I connect sith my conscious reality

I can pledge true love and fealty

To humankind and so act forgivingly

In a kind and compassionate way the transcends and evolves me

Past small thinkers who in the past have wasted their time judging me

For I don’t worry what they say or act towards me

And if they have a twisted perception of my personality

That’s their problem in all honesty

And says more about them than it does about me

I am just a loving spirit roaming and flying free

Within my own equanimity because I am done with life trying to ruffle me

I’ve learnt to myself meditatively

In a peaceful sanctuary of spirituality

Which in each moment truly enlightens me and all my dreams.

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