Watch “Plastic Ocean” on YouTube


I have always been drawn to the sea, with all its beauty and and all its power, and yet the strange thing is I cannot swim, yet I still have an affinity with the sea, beautiful and colourful blues and greens, there for everyone to takd time and see. Yet across the seven seas there is a menacing disease, plastic pollution as far as the eye can see, a seething scar, a heaving mass, the sea is choked with plastic crap. How proud we must be, to be the cause of this disease, dumping crap in the ocean, where es our morality, its like causing a wound and infecting it on purpose, without any thought to how it may hurtt us, as s result ee hsrm and kill marine lifr, degrade the coral reefs that give so much delight, I cannot understand why we caused such a blight, we need to help in the oceans plight, to once again be cleansed though it will need us all to fight and will need us yo work at cleaning up our mess day as nc night. The shame that we should feel about what we have done means we should pull together, that means everyone, to clean up our act and to demand a change in a hope that the oceans, marine life and the corals can be saved.

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