Sexual awakening

Sexual awakening

I need not just your body

Though it is so enticing

And drives me wild

I want to whisper in your ear

All I am going to do to you

And extract from you what is is that you love and need

Bended on all all fours, hands and knees

Or sitting on top riding the hell out of me

Enjoying and rejoicing in the moment

Passions and juices flowing

And yet staring each other in the eye

Sharing moans, dirty talk and sighs

Kissing, tasting, loving gentle bites

Reaching up to lustful heights

I focus simply upon you

Our sex truly being fuelled by imagination and experimentation

Exorcising our inner frustrations

Yet connecting together as one force

Mind to mind, thought to thought

Conscious unification sought

On a spiritual level as we reach our peak

Climaxing so hard knees go weak

And we’re unable to speak

Through exultation and fulfilled aspirations

Let us both seek lustful divination

As we soaked in perspiration

Cling together in expectation

Of a golden moment of real heat and an amazing glow

Let’s makes love like we never known

That will rock our world and leave our bodies shaking

As we discover a true sexually explicit awakening.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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