Mad Hatter me

Mad Hatter me

Some days I jibber and jabber like the Mad Hatter

Sitting at a table drinking cups of tea

Imagining I am participating in a tea party,

How joyful and glorious my guests would be

Maybe I will offer them some scones and cream

And a sweet serving of strawberry preserve on the side,

Then I as the Mad Hatter dances my little jig

Is this me losing my mind?

Then I realise in truth we are all quite mad here,

And Alice runs amok with the white rabbit all around the place

And I hear the dormouse smiling as the cat has a wide grin across its face

And Tweedledee and Tweedledum dance with the Queen of Hearts

She screams at the top of her voice ‘off with their heads’ and we all frantically laugh,

For we all know her sense of humour and it is very dark

And as I sit here thinking this and imagining this lark

I am taken back to reality within a single spark,

For it’s back to the mundane drudgery

And the never ending routine

But hey I enjoy the stories within my mind

As a result if books I read,

See reading takes you away from life

It’s an escapism thing,

This in truth you see, is the reason that I love to read.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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