Aches and pains


I’ve never lost that as spark for life

Though my body aches from age

I remain young in my mind today

Motivation is harder now

But my passion will never fade away

My feelings will never be assuaged

My fight for what’s right will not wane

I will always stand up fot this earth and humanity in every way

But yes my body betrays me with its aches and pains

Oh how I wish to be fit again

I love that feeling rather than tjis strain

I wish it were as easy to excercise as my brain

But it’s just t o hard to do I am ashamed to say

But I still feel within the young jot headed kid

Fighting f or CND and animal rights as I did

Going to anarcho punk concert and pogoing like nothing else existed

Still I am the rebellious voice of resistance

I retain above all the fire in my belly

Though it maybe mixed with acid reflux

And as for leaders, politics and government systems

Of these things I still don’t give a fuck

For they don’t care for me they just protect the money

Whereas as all I want is equality and the right to be free

In a world where we are more savvy environmentally.

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