Living life fantastic


Live a life that’s meteoric

Flying, burning supersonic

Blazing a trail that’s hypnotic

Creating colours and imagery kaleidoscopic

But remember through life to be philanthropic

There’s no value in living in a way that’s misanthropic

Leave a story that is historic

Not you one of empty histrionics

Shake up life with a frequency that’s so subsonic

Cause a shift that is truly tectonic

Love physically open as well as platonic

This is my advice, live large and not microscopic

For you are greater than you know so be individualistic

Do not lose yourself believing that we are anthropocentric

See outside the box like you are hallucinogenic

We create our stories and realities by being psychosematic

The world we know strives being different as so dramatic

But in truth it is in simple term naturalistic

To evolve transcend to levels of living that is synergistic

And forever charismatic

Despite the tendacies of those wjo rule to be androcentric

We are feminine and masculine beings less idiocentric

But actually we are more demograpic

And this then helps us reach states far fantastic

So burn like a supanova going pyroclastic

While always remaining humble and charismatic.

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