The function

The function

He whispered in her ear

Knowing her husband was near

Placed his hand on her butt

And said she was someone he’d like to fuck

She fell t herself go weak at the knees

Felt longings within her flowing

She felf she should have felt offended

And act as if he had slanted her

But all she could imagine was him bending her

Over a table or a chair and taking her right now right there

But she tried not to flinch or respond

But he kept the pressure on

As he whispered in her ear it won’t be long

Before he is taking her hard making her body throb

Then said he could see nipples through her top

On this point he was not wrong

He said I can feel you wearing a thong

Now go out back into the toilets where you belong

She found herself obeying and dancing to his song

She waited in a cubicle in expectation

He walked in looked he in the eye

Turned her round lifted her skirt above her thighs

She felt him slip her thongs round knees

Then felt him slowly penetrating

Then building up a rhythm with apparent ease

Felg her hands up her top on her breasts

Then he felt her knead and squeeze

She felt like buckling at the knees

But then one hand grabbed her ponytailed hair

She tried to stifle her passionate moans

But he didn’t care

Went deeper harder he had real flair

And they both climaxed hard then and there

And as she was left weak and panting he just left her there

And when she sorted herself out and returned

She felt so red and sweaty as her cheeks burned

And as she walked to her husband she became concerned

The man who just took her in the toilets was standing there

Laughing and joking with him and sharing a beer

She felt within her an innate fear

And was apprehensive as she drew near

And as they both looked at her, her husband said how are you dear

This is my boss and she saw how his boss leared

She felt his eyes as they pierced into her

Her husband beckoned us to greet

He leant in kissed her on the cheek

Whispered I can smell my scent on you

She blushed more as he was telling the truth

And carried on saying I now own you

And she knew there was nothing she could do

And as he walked off her husband said do you

Mind him using you for everything he wants to do

As it means a brighter future for me and you

And I really think you may enjoy it too

And she nodded and said I think it will be good.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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