Futurescape dreaming


The crackling

As lights

Are flickering

The hum

Of electromagnetic

Energies refrain

The sulphur smell

And the smoke screen

Neons shimmer blue

In a smog lit haze

Damp is the air

Intermittent the rain

Yet its clammy

Like a steam room in here

Moist heat

Not a dry heat

And on these streets

That we live

You never know

Who you’re going to meet

Life here is duality

Good and bad equally

In this life there’s no equality

Just a very low vibe and frequency

In this futuristic dream

Of a low ebb humanity

Where everything

Is controlled by machines

And people are enslaved

To the mediocrity

Of of living by social

Media beliefs and memes

Irrelevant in a world

Of technology.

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