Symbiotic error


Why can’t we be Symbiotic

To other species

Not not seeking the robotic

We sacrafice species of great love

For all of the technological stuf

Dreaming of robot slaves

Believing it will give us much

But as usual we are well out of touch

But technology has become our crutch

Snd the environment and all its species

Are there for exploration

But this is a recipe

For a one way ticket to self extinction and hell

Pretty soon we’ll here them ringing the doomsday bell

And it won’t matter how much wealth you have

You can’t buy or sell

Out of the destruction that will lead us all to hell

But at least nature will regenerate and that will be real swell

Without a humanity that couldn’t tell

The course of righteous evolution

Choosing instead a revolution

Where technology would help us more than nature ever could

We git it all wrong because we misunderstood

What is vital and what should be a slave

We twisted it and got it all the wrong

And when technology rots away

And the environment regenerates

It will be to late to see we hot it wrong today

And now there’s no more tomorrow’s for us

As we too just rot away

In our own self man made graves.

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