I was broken but I am trying to heal


I woke up one day

And realised I was broken in ways,

That I had never thought or ever known

And that I needed saving today,

And so I sat in silence

And I asked that I may be healed,

Then I was shown the way

And then I was offered light,

Even though I was not worthy

There was help given to me

But most of all it was shown clearly

How I could and should help myself,

So I changed my ways

After looking at my inner being

And asked if this is what I wanted to be.

From this say forward

I will set my spirit free,

I would live in ways

That existentially,

Are more authentic to me

And I would aim for purity

And cast away all shame

While accepting all responsibility for all blame,

For nobody else could be, identified

For making me this way,

Because we all make choices

Some are good and some are bad

And though we maybe led

We don’t need to follow,

To deny this would be mad.

So I ask you

To do the same,

Try live impeccably

And the starting point in here,

Start looking at yourself

In truth and authenticity

And if you’re happy with what you see?

And if you’re not then do, the same as me

And look at what to change,

Do not fear the shame

Or be afraid to accept blame

And cleanse the heart,

Then cleanse the mind

And this will purify your soul,

It’s all in believing

And loving yourself more,

It’s all about balancing the core

And searching to become more.

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