Tibetan extinction


Tibetan Buddhist persecution

From the Chinese state

Is based more on fear of the unknown

Not one that’s based on hete

Chinses authorities are so fearful

They are driving cultural and ethnic cleansing

And the world sadly stands right on by

And does absolutely nothing

The shame the rest of the worlds nations should feel

Should rest heavily upon them

It’s the worst kind of crime that can be perpertrated

Tibetans forced slowly into extinction

But some of us will stand our ground

And won’t stay silent, we won’t be muted

No matter how many Han Chinese people

Are encouraged and commuted

Into areas that is Tibetan owned

To take over and contol

Stand ou for the rights of Tibet

The home of Buddhisms soul.

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  1. Great poem. My guess is that is not so much “fear of the unknown.” It’s more the Chinese government trying to hold on various territories.
    I do not think Buddhism is dying. It has a very powerful message that has spreading all over the world.

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      • You are right. And my heart goes to the people of Tibet and their suffering. I forgot to mention that. I felt sorry I didn’t.
        However, the Buddhist teachings are spreading. The Romans conquered the Greeks – to use just an example- but the Greek culture spread like fire in the entire Roman empire. The sword can’t kill a powerful culture.
        The suffering of the people in Tibet is heart breaking but I do not believe that their teachings will die.
        Of course we are dealing with a serious and urgent human rights question: Who can stop the persecution?

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  2. Nothing dies my friend….Buddhism and Lord Buddha is timeless. No one can curb and kill it….it’s consciousness….it cannot be removed…the name, the roads can be wiped off, but new roads are sure to come which take all those who believe in The eternal philosophy home….what may rise must fall and what may fall must rise…..do not be pained….one rise another declines, but never withers.

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