From up here


From up here

In the universe

I look down

Upon this earth

I see clouds

Deserts and seas

From up here

The world looks at peace

I see ice caps

And the amazon trees

From up here

There is no air to breath

Down there I imagine being free

Though I know that’s not true

It’s a fantasy, a utopian dream

But from up here

I can live in make believe

And imagine a perfect humanity

Striving to evolve in unity

Acting as one big family

From up here, I see

No borders, flags and hear no athems

From up here

The world’s a beautiful place to be

Without hate, war and violence

From up here there is only silence

There is tranquility

There is grace and bliss

From up here

You would never believe

Humanity is destroying

Everything the eye can see

From up here.

Images courtesy of Pinterest

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