Avenues and vales

Avenues and vales

Down an avenue of nature

Will grow a vale of rainbow colours

And along this path we follow

We should all become nature lovers

Smothered in the scent so heavenly

Breathing in its tranquility

How can this earth be so foresaken

How can we prefer concrete structures

That are bare, cold and grey

Lacking any finess

That this natural eatth has in abundance

And so within this how can we abandon earth

To climate change, pollution and plastic

We need to do our bit for time is drasic

We need to save the avenues of beauty

And the vales of rainbow colours

We all need how to learn to become

So that we can can become true nature lovers

To pass this gift along to out future generations

To show how much we cared

So that the wonders of our earth

Will always be there

For now and for always

This is my dream that I share

For all those with open eyes and mind

For all those who are aware

And awake to this.

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