Don’t speak nobody cares


Don’t speak in case you’re wrong again

If you act you’re told it’s out of haste

You are not as bright as you think you are

You’re just one speck amongst an infinite sea of stars

You’re nothing special

There are millions out there just like you I am told

I get fed this all the time

In fact every single day

As if life’s not hard enough

Despite my best efforts

They’re appreciated by very few

Not even those close to me

Why am I so misunderstood

My kindness and my love I offer to all

No favour is ever to big or small

I will always be there for each and one of you

So why am I feeling so forsaken

Sometimes I think I am close to breaking

But nobody notices and no one really cares

I am barely even noticed,

It’s as if in someway I am spare

And only called upon when needed

And then easily forgotten

This is my life as it appears to me

And some may say its rotten

Yet I hold on to the love and the light

I still let my kindness do me right

Because no matter what assails me in life

At least I have the comfort of being alive

A blessing not reserved for everyone

See every life has something to be grateful for

Even if it only comes in crumbs.

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