Nothing else matters

Nothing else matters

I remember back in time
The golden years of my life
Back in the day when I was young
And nothing else mattered
We stood against the winds of time
We made up our unique ryhmes
Based on everything that we believed
Living in life so consciously
And nothing else matters
Now we’re older and life is cold
And we have gained the experience of being old
And things make far more sense these days
Focused simplh on their greed
But we see how men are crazed
In this materialistic age
It’s as if nothing else matters
And as we see the truth through lies
As we ready our long goodbyes
I feel the shudder of a change
And I hope a new reality is on its way
So the children yet to come
Will have a future not do glum
So that will grow in love, peace and wisdom
Something that we should have done
And lived as if nothing else matters
And as thd winds of change they blow
Through the rain and through the snow
I see prophets on their way
Messangers of hope I pray
I will be happy going to my grave
Knowing that nothing else matters.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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