Shadow men


Better in than out they say

In a world full of colourless hues of grey

What happened to our future full of rainbow colours

The kaleidoscopic rainbow prismic glows

Putting on an amazing cadenza like show

What happened to the vibrancy and light

Now we just see shadow men of the night

Conjuring up new ways to make us suffer

What happened to the visceral lovers

Why have we let the shadow men take control

The greedy warmongers who have so soul

Megalomaniac shadow men ancient and old

Think everything like love and humanity can be sold

What happened to the life

What happened to our world

Who gave them the right to take us to hell

But I am not waiting to the toll of the bell

I am going to radiate light and quell

The grey and the night and the shadows so well

The only hiding place they will have is within their own shell.

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