Self imposed suffering and anxiety


We as creators of our own stories

Bring so much suffering, heartbreak and anxiety

Upon ourselves without much thinking

We don’t cater for what we need but what we want

And worse thing of all is that crave what everbody else wants.

We want exactly just what we ate told

Live the perfect life mortage, car children

With the perfect husband or wife

We forget though that nothing is ever perfect

Everything is flawed and that is ok

But we want so much, that it’s hard to believe

How anybody could want so many things

We want a range of genders and to decide which way to sex their kids

Insisting on a boy or girl depending on which one fits

The perfect dream that makes them seem the perfect family unit

It makes me mad it makes me sick

As long as that child is alive when born then nothing else exists.

They want to build on other species habitats

They want to count the trees so there’s not to much of that

Nature they think is ok but only on their terms

Wow! the irritation makes me really burn

They say they want to save the earth

But Are still polluting

Being very good about their recycling

Then they drive their gas guzzling four by four to school and back

Poulling the air with their toxic petrol crap

It’s not about what we need it’s about what they want you to have

These governments, big buisnesses and the media and advertising men

Offer you the chance or potential to make bad choices

And you lap it all up because you only hear their voices

So suffering is enevitable in the end

Because you lost sight of what you needed

And chased what you wanted and found it doesn’t make you happy

But now you’re just a slave to illusory dreams

Take only what you need and count your blessings and you’ll be happy

For you will suffer from reduced anxiety

Because you will no longer be trapped in a world of wanting everything you see.

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