The principle of living


The principle of living

Is the most abract thing in life,

The things that we posit

Can be a two sided knife,

Either way you can get hurt,

Either way you can suffer pain

But if your head don’t drop, then you’ll be back again,

Slam it and banging it

All these aberrations do not need to last,

Focus in the present

Let your dilemmas fade to the past

Which is defined by the charactarists of what it is that resides within,

Some may choose to aspire

While others hold their heads low and keep their hopes in check,

Some seek emancipation and fight until their final breath

While many will slip away unnoticed into anonymous deaths,

A sad indictment of this life and the duality of what is left

From not making our own decisions

But leaving it to someone else,

The outcome of the life we leave behind is created by our self,

So ensure you forge a story of a kaliderscope of colourful wealth.

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