Idiosyncratic humanity


The idiosyncratic nature of humankind

Can be hard to understand or define

On one hand it seeks wisdom and inner peace

On the other it craves materialism and greed

These vagaries stand in the way of change

These dualities are quite simple and a uite plain

Humanity craves everything out of greed not need.

However the strain it puts on our earth’s resources are to great

The amount we give back through nurture

Pales into insignificance compared to how much we take

I call it the philosophy of natural resource rape

Taking for our own gratification without care

Taking ignorantly, arrogantly without thought

Not heeding the consequences of such acts of violation.

Humanity needs more clarity

More taking only what it needs

While harbouring less greed

Giving more, taking less

Nurturing not exploiting

Living for a sustainable future

Not dying for a future destruction destined.

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