I will be your addiction


Feel the heat sear your mind
As you feel your passion rise
As I tantalise your every thought
Feel your body and mind go taught
As I seduce your body and mind
Feel as I strip away your layers
Slowly and incrementally over time
As if in slow motion, no need to race
I will savour your deepest fullest taste
Playing every inch of your being
Like an instrument that when plucked
Offers up the most enchanting sounds
I will make you scream aloud
Physically and mentally with hot lust
Filling every thought with unconditional love
As you desire and crave my every touch
Your yearning will be extreme
Your reaction will be obscene except to me
For the more I play and tease
The more your mind will think thoughts so sexy and dirty
And you will learn that once I have seduced you body and mind
You cannot shake me, I will be your addiction
That you will need inside you, filling you with pleasures that you have never known.

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