Find your inner love and share it with others


Know yourself

Deep enough

To find your self love

And what you need most

To know yourself

Awakens your consciousness

It helps you see

Life more clearly

So you can realise

You create your life

You are not your wild mind

It needs to be refined

And when you search yourself

To know who you are

Be compassionate and kind

And forgive yourself

For mistakes you made

When you were blind

We are all beautiful people

Worthy so much of love

We are beautiful people

Who should shine a light

From within our soul

And live with open hearts

To let the love flow in

So that we can start

To share it others

True and unconditionally

For we are beautiful

So let’s live our dreams

As beautiful people

Manifesting beautiful love

Resonating light

Through the tender touch

When we reach out those

Who need it so much

Just touch them with your inner love.

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  1. Yes, Love Is unconditional. The separation occurs when we ‘think’ we have love or lost love. There is no-one to have or not-have Love. Every thing and everybody starts and ends in Love because We Are ‘That’ Love. Being Love does not need an illusory self. It just ‘Is’.

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