The dumb seed born were we


Leave it in the ground

Stop poisoning the air

Stop p putting plastic in the ocean

I add urely do despair

At the ignorance and stupidy

Of a humanity that cuts down trees

And does not questions how we shall breathe

When we cut and burn everything

And wonder why lands will flood due to melting polar ice caps

As global warming heats up our earth

Good luck thinking future mankind

Can durvivd just eating dirt

And our overpopulation is worse

As mankind doesn’t grasp the way it hurts

This earth and misunderstands its worth

To succour humanity, if we nurture nature

Instead of just exploiting it for greed

Was mankind cultivated from the dumbest seed?

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  1. I have to agree with this, Faux. I was telling my parents the other day I really feel like we are going backwards as a society and we’re not really thinking anymore. We’ve become so reliant on technology to do everything for us that our skills are dwindling. And we’re just steadily destroying the only home we’ve got when we keep adding more buildings, more cement, cutting down more trees and not preserving any of the nature around us. No wonder it’s so hot in the Summers now.

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