Trojan horse


Your like a trojan horse

Hiding danger within

Once seen as a gift to me

I realise you’re perilous indeed

Youre amazing on the outside

How could I look a gift horse in the mouth

But you could be the end of me

Because what’s within and there’s no doubt

You’re a dangerous past time

A forbidden fruit from the tree of life

And everything would end now

If I were to take a simple bite

You’re perilous, you’re dangerous

Yet somehow you’re intoxicating

I am ready to play with fire

Even if it means burning

It’s the pleasure pain theory maybe

Or just the danger that you represent blatantly

But I am going to have to sate my pleasure

And yes, I am going to have to rue it at my lesuire

But this is something that I choose

And maybe I am going to lose

And you mahbe the end of me

But I just need you desperately to taste and feast upon

So. I am going in right even though everything screams at me it’s wrong.

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