Pioneering souls


Colony creators

We set forth for the stars

To discover other planets

We knew we would have to travel afar

We sought other friendly beings

We went in search of a new start

To pioneer and to rebuild

A new humanity

Built on a sound understanding

Of love, compassion and peace

And we found a new place to colonise

To inhabit and terrsform

After waking up from cyber sleep

That suspended us all

And this planet that we discovered

Was one of dense jungles as far as the eye could see

Three moons and one sun and an air that we could breathe

We paid homage to this new place

Demonstrating we came in peace

And started nurturing its resources

And it gave back food to eat

We built tentatively an infrastructure

That blend in with our and the planet’s need

And in this new environment we started to build a new humanity

No one can say whzt the future will bring

But in a world built without hostility

I think we can hope and dream of a future

Of happiness and peace

Somewhere far out in the universe

In some far off galaxy

We left behind the broken remnants

Of an old ancient decrepit society.

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