Ponder we must


Forthwith we ponder on this valued moment

Prize this moment as it is worth

Precious be the blessed lifeforce

The spirit of our opulent being bathed as it is in love

Our heart may countenance the investment of light

May it be sustained by forbearance

Of greed, and hate of which we turn our backs upon.

Nay we need no ego nor pride

For these actions are borne of falsehoods

Designed to corrupt the self and infect our soul

And put on display a garish show

Of self indulgence and attention seeking

Do we need to suffer the self indulgent carping

We instead should be harnessing

Compassion, care and empathy

Love forewith from all our arteries should we bleed

And should we not radiate inner peace and affection

Should we not be balanced within self reflection

So that we maybe pure of heart, thought and mind

Does it no then merrily spend the test of time

In a way so much greatly graceful and divine.

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