Crossing new divides


Across a million planets and stars

Through millenia we travelled far

A roos the darkest deepest space

Beyond Trans-dimensional states

We crossed so many new divides

Jumping in and out of altered lives

In different states of cosmic love and light

We crossed so many new divides

We didn’t stop to question why

We just went with the flow to see where we may go

And all things that opened our eyes

Also manged to prize open our minds

That let us travel beyond so many altered states

Transcending into another time and place

It’s all we could believe

Discovering things we’d never seen

Manifesting beyond our human beings

And we evolved beyond the stars

To find out who we are

We sought to travel long and a far

Beyond a million dazzling stars

We crossed the new divides

To go beyond the spirtual side

And it’s all we ever dreamed

And it saved humanity

Spreading love, light and peace

We finally achieved

The transcendending of all belief

And then becoming one

Among the stars.

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